Special Update: Neshek Camp Endorses Chris Young as Running Mate for NL Vote

Through strong communication and input with San Diego Padres Pitcher Kevin Cameron, the Neshek Campaign is urging voters to Vote for Chris Young as NL Running Mate on the MLB.com’s 32nd Man Vote when you Pitch In For Pat.  When asked about the new alliance Neshek had this to say, "After talking with Cameron I’m convinced that this is a perfect match and will give each of us a lot of new votes!"   Cameron, a former teammate of Neshek’s for many years thought of the idea after wanting to see both sides win, "It would make my day to see both of these guys win and there’s no better way to do this than to bring all the Padres fans, Young fans, Twins fans and Neshek fans together."   Get out there and vote the Neshek/Young ticket on MLB.com

Posted By:  The Pitch In For Pat Campaign


Pat Iam a senior citezen and I have tried voting for you several times, but the validation key seems like a plot by monster.com to keep us older folks from voting no matter who we want to vote for. I think you should be the only choice for the AL
Good luck

Good luck to you, but Red Sox Nation has heard about your plot to enlist the Evil Empire Yankee fans against our Okajima. This was your giant mistake. You will soon see the voting power of Red Sox Nation. Best wishes anyway, you’ll need it!

WOOHOO Go whoever commented above me.
Even those stupid Yankee fans can’t beat out the Sox lovers.

I wish you go luck in the voting, but you have made a mistake in trying to get the yankee vote. This idea of yours has been brought to the attention of red sox nation. Red Sox nation has already successfully voted in the last player both years that they had a player in the last group.

Freedom: hmm Apple Pie, Parades, Fireworks, and the Family Bbq, I guess more importantly though, the lack of subjugation to a tyrannical “red sox” nation. We have won the freedom to cast our votes. So in turn, let’s cast our votes for Freedom. Vote Neshek … Vote Freedom

You’re still getting my votes, and in the NL, I’ve been a Chris young guy since day one.


Bad move trying to make a deal with the New Tork fans. Do not underestimate the power of Red Sox nation, and Japan. Okajima will be an All Star, and Neshek just lit a fuse under Red Sox fans. Remember we have not lost in the final vote.

I’m pulling for you Pat, you’ve got love from Philly. I’m telling everybody I can to vote for you, best of luck!

You Red Sox Nation may have gotten an All Star voted in the last few years but I am a hard core Twins Fan so I have to say I would be worried about more then the All Star Game I believe you guys are lacking in other areas such as Championships and World Series Titles. You Red Sox Nation may want to lite a fire under your own players to maybe win one of those some day.

How sad is your life that you have to beg people to vote for you to play in a game that ultimately means nothing. I assume you have a large payout for making this game.
Bottom line, let your stats do the talking. There’s no crying in baseball and there shouldn’t be any begging either. What are you gonna do next year when Torii Hunter is playing in Boston tough guy ??

Good luck…you’re gonna need it

hey pat neshek ur goona come in third in the votes okijima is the best choice look at his ERA 0.88 urs 1.37 which is still alright but u beg people ur not deserving im a die hard sox fan and i know okajima is the most deserving so bye gotta go vote for okajima

im a san diego padre fan and have been voting for chris young. when i saw you had endorsed chris you got my vote. good luck on the chris and pat ticket to the all star game.

do u think ur better than okajima

Wow, I can’t believe I used to think that Boston fans had class. Good luck with your campaign. Let’s just hope Okajima doesn’t suddenly get injured or anything…..

As for the stats, perhaps you failed to see that Neshek had also struck out a lot more batters, and in fewer innings pitched, than Okajima. He has yet to give up 20 hits this season, while Okajima has given up 22. Neshek is even tougher on lefties than he is on righties, and both batting averages are lower than Okajima’s lowest figure. Also, you might want to consider looking over the schedules the two pitchers have had. Okajima has seen a lot of light-hitting ballclubs, too. The only real challenge on his game-by-game log would perhaps be the Yankees, but they have been in a year-long slump also. He hasn’t had to deal with the Fire and Brimstone of Cleveland and Detroit, not to mention appearances against the NL-best Milwaukee Brewers. Sure, those names may not sound frightening based on precedent, but they have been far more potent than anything Okajima has had to deal with on a consistent basis. If Neshek had pitched Okajima’s schedule this year, he would have even better numbers to show for it.

Hey Pat, I’m still grinding out the votes!

I’ve spent the past four nights voting for Pat and I’m still going strong!

Go Pat! Go Chris Young!


Hey Pat– Just wanted to say I wish more big-leaguers took the time like you to interact with the public on a forum like this one. Not to mention that you’re one of the best young pitchers in the game. I’d say to keep it real, but you’re numbers are UNreal. Keep it up.

In case anyone here hasn’t seen this: YOU CAN VOTE FOR PAT FASTER if you download this little greasemonkey tool from mntwinsnation.com/entry/neshek-voting-made-easy/#comment-2
Just paste that address into your browser window. You can vote twice as fast–I wish I had found it a few thousand votes ago…

Meanwhile, Pat–I hope you don’t pay any attention to these ridiculous Red Sox fans; they are just jealous they don’t have somebody like you!

Red Sox fans who posted here are pretty low class. No matter what happens stats say it all Neshek is better. But voting for the best is not what some teams’ (you know who you are you are that keep trying to talk smack in here) fans. Why would Torii want to play in Boston where he got his ankle broken in the crazy angles of Fenway. Go away and vote for the least deserving of the 2 if you want. It will only prove that it is a popularity contest not on who deserves it.

Tacky. First the self-promotion. Second the attempt to join in & use a rivalry you are not a part of. Third to ride on the coattails of a deserving NL player. Nevermind whom I might vote for (or not) in the AL – I will be pulling for Zambrano now in the NL. Have some dignity, Neshek.

We already know who you are voting for. Thanks for another tacky response from a Sox fan. You guys are the only ones bothered. Could it be that you feel threatened if not why are you here? That is what is tacky.
Neshek is very deserving whether he campaigns or not. He at least stays connected to fans by more then handing out a button or a t-shirt. I am done now. Neshek doesn’t need to defend what he is doing to the low class members of the Boston Nation.

Yes, I am voting for Zambrano. Thank you very much for your presumption.

If you want to try to hide who you are voting for fine but the only ones who have come here to be rude and unclassy are Red Sox fans. If not you are the first.

I’m sorry, I have no idea what you are trying to say. Let me be clear: I am voting for Zambrano – though only because of Neshek.

Good Luck Pat! I am out here in Tigers country representing for Twins fans and casting my vote for you. Or rather, I should say votes! I really hope you make it to the All-Star game, you deserve it. Thanks for keeping in touch with your fans through your blog, keep up the great season!

-A Twins fan in Detroit

I’ve put in a good 7 hours voting for you and theres at least 3 more to come. You deserve to go to San Fran. Plus since you’re my grammas favorite pitcher (she loves your side-arm and your hop-skip after the release) I thought I better do what I can to get you in.
And do you BoSox people have a life? why are you posting on a Twins’ blog?

You know what! i hated the yankee but now i hate the sox! i mean just becuz okijama isn’t as good as neshek it doesn’t mean that you red sox fans have to cry about it! i had okijima on me fantasy team and i released him and picked up neshek becuz he was more impressive than okijama. i am not even from minnesota and i am a neshek fan! neshek you have proved yourself for i think exactlly a year now! okijima has what a couple of months to prove himself that is rediculous! you deserve it and no matter what you are an allstar! congrats on the year and your year with the twins!

Hey Pat! i have a question! Do you know where i could get a jersey of you? becuz i am 13 years old and i can’t find one except for my babe ruth jersey which is 17! i pitch alot but i dont have that side arm! if you could email me back with where i could get one that would be GREAT! Good luck and just know that i have been voting for you!

Your BIGEST fan Quentin

First a couple more stats before gloating…

Okajima ERA…0.88

Wasn’t that ‘Vote for me Pat’ who gave up the winning run today against the lowly Yankees that Okajima shut down earlier this year ??

Hunter will play in Boston next year because he deserves to be paid like a real baseball player..

Okajima..all star

Patty Boy….NOT

i just wasted 3 days of endless voting!! what a let down okajima dosnt deserve to go to the all-star game hes not even close to being as gooad as pat neshek is okajima just got in cause hes *** and they got the whole freakin country voting for him thats it. screw the red sox screw okajima neshek is the best reliever and he got screwed!!

3 days of endless voting ?? Isn’t there anything to do in Minnesota ?

Oh well.

See? I told you all that Okajima would kick butt, and look who was right? You should have realized it earlier, there was no chance for pat. Okajima is just a better player. Oh, I have another comment to the post a few above:

“Meanwhile, Pat–I hope you don’t pay any attention to these ridiculous Red Sox fans; they are just jealous they don’t have somebody like you!”

-Oh yeah, that’s why The Red Sox are the top team in the American League, and are 10 games ahead of the Twins. Because we’re jealous.

You people seriously need to face reality, you got your hopes up WAAYYY too high. Now stop complaining, no one wants to hear it. You’re all just mad because Okijima is a better player and he has more SUPPORT (see that key word?) from his FANS (another one, right there) Thank you, Have a nice day.

It’s striking to me here on this blog that Twins fans and Neshek fans are supportive and excited about the All-Star game, this season, and baseball in general. I always thought Boston was a premiere baseball town, until reading the BoSox fans represented on the comments here. Maybe I expected you’d take the high road and act like you’ve been there before. Pat deserved a good run at the All-Star game and will be a threat in the AL when it comes down to the wire in the superior American League Central Division. Keep up the great season Pat, your True Twins fans are behind you and love to watch you play. We’re gonna win TWINS!

Ok, so you think we’re unclassy. maybe we are. you think we’re rude. maybe we are. that’s an opinion. But what we ARE (and this is not an opinion, it’s a FACT) is a winner. the red sox are just better. plain an simple. done. Maybe next year, Pat.

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