Day Two

Hey guys, I just got back to the hotel here in NYC and am surfing around the internet.  I just noticed the results and I like where we are at?striking distance.   Let’s keep this thing close until Wednesday and hold an all day vote-a-thon (if that’s a word) on Thursday while some of the competitors sleep!  Remember the voting is unlimited so go nuts and don’t vote just once! 


I need all the help you guys can give me.  In the off-season I was a proud advocate of the VOTE FOR RORY NHL campaign (look it up) and although Rory came up short we had a fun time in the process and that’s what it’s all about.   I’m calling on all Myspacers, all Facebook Users and even the most skilled of You Tube Directors to help me out, the funnier the better!


On a couple interviews today people asked me why they should vote for me and I basically told them a couple things.   I really don’t know how to describe this but I’m the fan/collector/guy that somehow managed to get to the big leagues.  I seriously wake up each day and can’t believe how I got here and am thankful to even touch the uniform!   Basically if I wasn’t playing baseball right now I would probably be the guy who was coming home from work and planning a night around baseball?planning what games to go to, which minor league teams to get autographs at, which guy to take on my fantasy team and which guy to trade in MLB The Show?heck this is what I do in the off-season, no lie!   Basically I’m a fan of baseball, if your team wasn’t represented in this final 5 Vote I would love to represent you and all the fans of the game.  I can tell you right now that nobody in the world, no other player would appreciate this more than me.  So if you want somebody that is a fan of the game, a guy just like you, a guy that would probably pass out if elected to the ALL STAR game then you can help me out by voting here!


Thanks Everyone




Congrats on the nomination and the fact that you are so excited about this and are embracing modern technology will definitely sway my votes in your favor.

But I was wondering who you would be voting for if you yourself was not on the ballot and why. Also, who would you vote for in the NL. As a Cubs fan I want to see Zambrano make it, but if he does make it he will have to be moved around in the rotation to make this possible…plus as a Cubs fan I always worry about freak injuries like the strange ones Carlos has had in All Star festivities in the past.

Just voted for you about 8 times, Pat. Good luck.

And to the above commentor…1908. Thank you.

I have a good story – I know Gayle Stegman who used to work for a bookstore chain here in the Twin Cities. Her son Shane is one of Pat’s best buddies and in fact picked him up at the airport when Pat got called up in 2006. Nobody was more thrilled for a local kid done good to make it to The Show with the hometown Twins than Gayle.

I’ve also interviewed Pat for KTIS radio recently and people I can tell you he’s easily among the most sincere, “I can’t believe I’m living the dream” guys you’ll ever meet. He grew up running around the Metrodome as a kid watching the Twins and now he’s out there living it! I’m just waiting for the Hollywood movie to come out already.

Neshek Nation is in full effect and let’s get Pat to SF already. A vote for ‘Shek is a vote for every high school buddy or next door neighbor kid who dared to dream and chase after it!

John Nemo

I just wanted to say thanks for returning an autograph request so quickly that I sent to you about 3 weeks ago.
I just voted for you about 50 times and I urged readers of my blog to do so.

Good Luck !

Hey Pat!

Congratulations on the nomination! You deserve it! I’m spreading the word via Facebook and MySpace. Hopefully, it’ll net you a few more votes and send you on your way to San Francisco.

I’ve submitted about 75-100 votes since hearing about it.

Good luck!


I’ve been voting for you while waiting to get passport issues resolved, so thank the State Dept. too, I guess. I must have voted for you about 500 times, which is about 498 more times than I’ve ever voted for anything else.

Your honest & direct blogging and campaigning resonate far more than anything else I’ve seen about the All-Star game, and I hope that fans have proven to you that we think you are awesome and believe that you deserve to be there.

Keep voting as often as possible. It will take a massive effort of non-stop voting to get Pat into the game!

I just sent in 20 votes for you. Good luck!

Hey Pat,
Congrats on the nomination. I’ve been voting all day.

Also, thanks for keeping my WHIP and ERA low in my fantasy leagues. I’ve had you since day one!



for a printable poster that you can use to advertise for Pat.

we can make a difference!

Been voting for you as a favor to my Twins fan teammate, plus I think your delivery’s about the coolest thing this side of Chad Bradford.

Y’all — vote Oswalt on the NL side! Wins are not an accurate measurement of a pitcher’s abilities!

Yo Pat!

Its my day off and aside from running to Zipp’s for some Fat Tire I have been voting for you all day.

Needless to say I am getting sick of validation codes… Heh.

Anyway man, all of us at are pullin for ya, and voting our left-click-fingers off.

Good luck man, and let’s get 2 of 3 from the Yanks!


Just threw down another dozen votes or so, and I’ll check back in daily.
My ulterior motive is to see a pitcher I hit off of in HS throw in the All-Star game. That would never happen now, well, cause I’m in Baghdad.

Here’s wishing you nothing but the best, Pat. Go Twins!

Hey Pat!
I just voted for you about 200 times, i kinda lost count… 🙂 and im pumped up about this, saw the youtube video and thought it was hilarious and your blog is great, I’m actually a D-Rays fan and happy that youre willing to represent whoever in this game, and MAN, I’m with you all the way, 100%!!!!

Plus, you’ve got an AWESOME name.

-PAT Roemer. 🙂

because you enlisted the yankee fans, I just voted for Okajima about 120 times. you have got to learn. Go Bosox.

hey pat! congrats on making the final vote! you are my favorite player in the whole wide world!!! so i am voting alot for you i reeeealy hope you make it you deserve it. in the past 2 days i have voted a total of 7,220 times for you and im not done i am looking forward to voting nonstop until thursday good luck pat!!

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