Pulling An All Nighter

Alright everyone as Spokesman Ethan would say, "It’s crunch time!" A lot of the competition is out celebrating and it’s a perfect time to get a leg up and jump ahead.   The most recent update stated that 1 & 2 were neck and neck…we could very easily jump to #1 because nobody knows the vote totals right now. Tomorrow morning Japan will be getting ready for bed and Detroit and Boston will be taking the day off from work and stepping away from the computer. Let’s keep the voting going all through the night, all day tomorrow and we will rest when they take our voting privileges away. Thanks again everyone!

Vote NESHEK/YOUNG until you see your Zip Code!

Here’s another great YouTube video to keep you motivated to Vote!

Special Update: Neshek Camp Endorses Chris Young as Running Mate for NL Vote

Through strong communication and input with San Diego Padres Pitcher Kevin Cameron, the Neshek Campaign is urging voters to Vote for Chris Young as NL Running Mate on the MLB.com’s 32nd Man Vote when you Pitch In For Pat.  When asked about the new alliance Neshek had this to say, "After talking with Cameron I’m convinced that this is a perfect match and will give each of us a lot of new votes!"   Cameron, a former teammate of Neshek’s for many years thought of the idea after wanting to see both sides win, "It would make my day to see both of these guys win and there’s no better way to do this than to bring all the Padres fans, Young fans, Twins fans and Neshek fans together."   Get out there and vote the Neshek/Young ticket on MLB.com

Posted By:  The Pitch In For Pat Campaign

Day Three

Hey guys back at the hotel again checking out everything.  We are right where we want to be.   This thing looks to be really close with the way they write the updates and the big 4th of July coming up.  It’s been an uphill battle especially without having the luxury of having all home games like some of the competition.   Then you get articles saying "the self promoter" when other guys have full blown ad campaigns and computers set up for 40,000 people to vote at during their home games.  We are on a 10-day road trip, I don’t have the opportunity to do much more than head to the park and come back and chat with you guys like I’ve been doing since 2004 ?gee talk about uphill?long shot?underdog.   The worst was one Boston writer saying that I called me fans "creepy" when in reality, I said my fans are "crazy".  Hmm does creepy sound like crazy, can you use creepy in a good way like you can with crazy?don’t think so?   I suspect a sabotage campaign going on!  Who needs the media, who needs talking heads that will talk real loud so you can hear who they want, who needs ad campaigns in which teams are shelling out cold hard cash.   

All I need is Ethan?Spokesman for the 2007 Pitch In For Pat Campaign

It’s Crunch time guys.  We have a day game tomorrow and after the game I’m heading back to the hotel and jumping on the message board here from 6pm-Midnight?no fireworks for me, I’d rather chat with everyone on here until I fall asleep.   Keep the voting up. I have a gut feeling things are going to shift?Vote until the server shuts down!

If you need any inspiration to keep voting, check out the awesome official "Pitch In For Pat" theme song, cortesey of "Drosenda"

Day Two

Hey guys, I just got back to the hotel here in NYC and am surfing around the internet.  I just noticed the results and I like where we are at?striking distance.   Let’s keep this thing close until Wednesday and hold an all day vote-a-thon (if that’s a word) on Thursday while some of the competitors sleep!  Remember the voting is unlimited so go nuts and don’t vote just once! 


I need all the help you guys can give me.  In the off-season I was a proud advocate of the VOTE FOR RORY NHL campaign (look it up) and although Rory came up short we had a fun time in the process and that’s what it’s all about.   I’m calling on all Myspacers, all Facebook Users and even the most skilled of You Tube Directors to help me out, the funnier the better!


On a couple interviews today people asked me why they should vote for me and I basically told them a couple things.   I really don’t know how to describe this but I’m the fan/collector/guy that somehow managed to get to the big leagues.  I seriously wake up each day and can’t believe how I got here and am thankful to even touch the uniform!   Basically if I wasn’t playing baseball right now I would probably be the guy who was coming home from work and planning a night around baseball?planning what games to go to, which minor league teams to get autographs at, which guy to take on my fantasy team and which guy to trade in MLB The Show?heck this is what I do in the off-season, no lie!   Basically I’m a fan of baseball, if your team wasn’t represented in this final 5 Vote I would love to represent you and all the fans of the game.  I can tell you right now that nobody in the world, no other player would appreciate this more than me.  So if you want somebody that is a fan of the game, a guy just like you, a guy that would probably pass out if elected to the ALL STAR game then you can help me out by voting here!   




Thanks Everyone